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Hope Falls: Trey, Kendall, more - All My Children Fan Fiction

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December 4th, 2008

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04:50 pm - Hope Falls: Trey, Kendall, more

Title: Hope Falls

Fandom: All My Children

Author: GreenLeoFiend / Stef With an F

Author Notes: The beginning of this story takes place in time setting Pre the televised December 3, 2008. Kendall is still in Canada.

Chapter 1

"Don't let this happen to you."

These words were the last words he said to his former foster son Reggie. He hoped he heeded them.

Five years long he sat with the three cement walls. The barred window and the gate in front–his only portals to the outside time behind parts was well deserved. He burned his sister’s mothers’ house. He nearly killed his half-sister’s half-sister. And then he framed his half-sister for it.

He also once used a taser on his half-brother. Not his sister’s brother, they shared the other parent.

And now his brother was dead. And his sister was all but.

She has brain activity.”

That is what the doctor told him on the phone. She had brain activity.

Ben covered his face with his hands trying to focus his emotions. Fate was cruel. He was out of jail for nearly a year now but stayed away. He did not want to cause his family any more pain. If he learned anything in the five years he was paying for his crime, it was remorse and grief. He had so much. Sure when Leo died he felt lost even though he barely knew his brother.

Ben was put up for adoption. His mother did not want to raise him. He was a bad memory of his father.

His sister was put up for adoption. Her mother did not want to raise her. She was a bad memory of her father.

Their father.

Though their situations were still not exactly the same. He was conceived first. His mother and father were in a romantic, sexual relationship. Their sex was consensual. But his father had a dark secret. A few months later, while still involved with his mother, his father, sexually assaulted Erica Kane, a young women, a girl of fourteen. Kendall was the unlikely gift. But Erica was too young, too violated. She could not be Kendall’s mother, to no fault of her own. But after finding out about Kendall, Ben’s mother freaked out. Richard Fields was a monster. What if her son was too?

Ben was alone.

He grew up in many different foster homes, some good, most bad. He would leaved alone in a trailer park to fend for himself. Until he meant Trey: his surrogate brother. He was a lawyer, but then he died, and Ben decided to become one too, even took Trey’s name as his own. Trey was all he wanted to be, he wanted to forget Ben, because Ben was alone.

He sought out his mother, and found her after many years. It took until Leo nearly killed him for her to acknowledge him, but she did.

Stop Leo! He’s my son!” Vanessa shouted.

Then the two of them later went over the falls.

Again he would have been alone. If it was not for Kendall.

Yes, there David. And he tried. But he had his own life, his own pain. He grieved Leo greatly. And then his infant daughter died. No one should have to suffer the amount of death David had.

Kendall was his rock, but now she was fighting for her life.

Her husband Zach left her alone, he could not bear the prognosis given by the doctors.

That Kendall would not wake up. Hearing the words himself, he could not bear them either, nor the words that her husband would ever leave her. In another country, all alone.

So Trey took her hand.

“Kendall, can you hear me? It’s Trey,” he whispered.

And held gently but tight.

“Boy did I miss you little sister.”

To Be Continued

Author's Note: Short, yes, but this is a beginning chapter.

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Date:December 15th, 2008 06:27 pm (UTC)
Interesting start; I look forward to seeing where you take this. :)

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