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I'm Kitten - All My Children Fan Fiction

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March 29th, 2008

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02:17 pm - I'm Kitten

Hi I'm new to AMC only about 4 months so far, thanks to my best friend. Anyway I saw "Jessie" on Guiding Light, and fell for him at first sight not knowing who we was, and told my pal about him. She was excited to tell me who, and I've been watching AMC ever since Jessie's return.

And forgive me if anyone has asked this or posted them (I'm partially blind so I just may not have seen it) Is there any Jessie stuff here, either plain or slash?

I have been a GL fan for over 30 years. The death of Gus nearly ripped me in half. But at least I know the show he's going to now. So what or where if any are Jessie stories and icons. I myself am trying to write a GL/AMC crossover with Jessie/Griggs being one and the same.


Blessed Be

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