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Josh/Sean fic Chapter 2 - All My Children Fan Fiction

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January 14th, 2008

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09:46 am - Josh/Sean fic Chapter 2
Title: The Most Natural Thing; Chapter two: Rash Words
Pairing: Josh/Sean
Rating: PG-13, bordering NC-17 depending on how ya feel about it
Word Count: 1850ish
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, these characters belong to AMC even though there are many people out here on the intrawebs that could write them better.
Notes: This is the second chapter to my first slash ever. Be gentle! If you read nothing else, scroll through the story to the HUGE block of text. It'll make ya laugh.

Summary: Josh and Sean fall into bed with one another. But after the passion, Josh reveals a secret that may keep Sean out of his life forever.

Josh pushed the apartment door open. "Home sweet home," he announced. He threw his kes on the end table and put his coat on the hanger all the while watching Sean. This had been so unexpected, he wasn't sure what to do next. Never had he had even an inkling of attraction toward another man, but this kid standing in his apartment had stirred up passion strong enough to push the horror of Hannah's end to the back of his mind. Distant.

"So...this is my place," Josh stated, trying to fill the silence in the room.

Sean plopped on the couch. "Nice. I hope my place is this nice once I'm out of Uncle Jack's house."

Josh paused. "You're Jack's nephew?"

"You know him?" Sean asked, some mixed emotion tainting his voice and Josh tried to decode it.

"I know Erica," he said simply.

Sean's eyes grew large. "Oh, crap. Now I recognize you." He looked away.

Josh cursed his honesty. He didn't want to mess this up. "Is it so bad?"

Sean paused before answering. "I guess it doesn't matter." He closed his eyes tightly before standing up as if moving away from something on the couch. He came closer to Josh. He just stood there.

Josh swallowed. The desire to grab Sean and kiss him deeply was so strong, his arms moved forward but stopped short.

"What?" Sean asked, leaning in just a bit closer.

"I just," he exhaled. "Just not sure..." his voice dropped off as his hand trailed down Sean's arms. He pulled Sean toward him and kissed him firmly. He felt Sean's hands on his back, bunching Josh's shirt in his fists. Walking carefully, he moved them to his couch.

Josh struggled to calm himself. He worked to convince himself not to rush. But Sean's hungry kisses were electric. He ran his hand through Sean's hair feeling Sean push into him. Instinctively, he reached under Sean's shirt feeling his hot skin. Sean let out what could easily be confused as a moan.

Josh because go kiss Sean's neck, tracing a path with his tongue. Sean shivered. Josh smiled. As he continued kissing Sean's neck, he unbuttoned his own shirt. Sean's hands immediately touched his bare skin. Sean pushed away suddenly.

"Where you going?" Josh asked breathily.

Sean stood up and took a deep breath with his eyes closed, and pulled his shirt over his head dropping it onto the coffee table. Josh pulled his arms out of his shirt one at a time, pulling Sean back down onto the couch at the same time.

Josh felt charged as their skin touched, Sean laying on him. Their kisses had fallen to a comfortable pace and Josh allowed himself to slip completely into the moment, erasing all doubt or confusion. Sean's body felt so right against his. He wanted it to be like this forever. He wanted Sean. Wanted all of him. Wanted their bodies entwined. Wanted to fall into Sean and never surface. "Oh." Sean's kisses became slightly more frantic at the sound of Josh's moan. His hands moved to Josh's pants, undoing the button.

Josh paused.

"What?" Sean asked, desperation tinting his plea.

Josh looked at Sean's face sensing the same fear, arousal, doubt, and desire flowing through him. He smiled. "Come with me." He stood, holding Sean's hand and pulling him toward the bedroom. He glanced back at Sean who seemed to be silently chanting something to himself. Josh heard the word "defense" slip out, but ignored it when Sean looked him directly in the eye.

Josh sat on the bed, Sean standing before him. Slowly, Josh moved to undo the belt around Sean's waist. Sean stood still, shivering. Josh unded the button and slid the zipper down, feeling Sean hard underneath the material. Sean made a sound and pushed Josh's hands away. Before Josh could speak Sean had removed the remaining clothes and was kneeling before Josh, finishing what he'd started on the couch. Josh stepped out of his pants and boxers and pulled Sean up to the bed.

Josh felt drunk, unable to fully grasp what was happening. They were holding each other as they kissed, letting their hands wander tentatively along their one another's bodies. Seans' hands felt so perfect on his skin. And the kisses had lost none of their heat. He wanted Sean.

"I want you," he whispered as he kissed down Sean's neck.

Sean pulled Josh closer and kissed him forceably.

Josh took this as assent. Poor Sean. Don't worry; Hannah will never bother you again.


Josh lay with Sean's head on his shoulder, playing with strands of hair in his fingers. He could feel Sean's hand on his hip and for the first time in about a week, felt at peace. He felt SEan's breath on his skin and felt the desire returning. Lifting Sean's face to his with one finger, he kissed him. Sean returned the kiss, but Josh felt a disconnect.

"Where'd you go?" he asked quietly.

"Nowhere," Sean whispered as he moved himself closer to Josh.

"What's wrong?"

Sean didn't answer right away. He sighed, sliding his fingers gently up Josh's side. "Tell me something."

"Like what?"

"I don't know. Just don't let it be silent right now."

Josh felt distracted by Sean's wandering fingertips. "Uh...well my sister is safe now, so that's a good thing."

"You caught the woman?"

"You could say that." Josh began kissing Sean's head. "We dealt with it." Sean was responding to the kisses as his fingers made quick circles on Josh's skin.

"How?" Sean breathed.

"Oh, just did what we needed to do." Josh felt his brain shutting down except for the pleasure receptors madly responding as Sean's hand travelled south.

"Tell me," Sean encouraged between kisses and caresses.

The room was spinning as his pleasure sensors hummed, giving him goosebumps. "It took all week, but we finally did it. We killed her." He felt Sean tense, but the fingers continued stroking him tenderly.


"You don't want to hear about this. Come here." Josh pulled him close and kissed him. Self-preservation forced it's way to the front of his mind. He couldnt' tell Sean how. He had to distract him. Had to make him forget. Had to hear him moan again. He moved to reposition, but Sean pulled away.

"I think after this," indicated the bed, "you can tell me this secret."

Josh sighed. "I'll only say it once. Then you have to do something for me."

Sean paused, eyes closed. "Deal."

They laid back down, Josh holding Sean's head to his chest. "We had no choice. Han-this woman was determined to kill Kendell. So when we caught up to her in the yacht club parking lost, we threw her in a well while we came up with a better plan. We decided to tie her to a motorcycle and drive it over a cliff into the ocean, but somehow she survived, swimming back to shore. We grabbed her again and put her on the Cambias jet and crashed it, but some crazy doctor found her alive and fixed her head. Luckily, we tracked her down again. We contemplated throwing her over a waterfall, but realized it would be too risky because we'd lose track of her body. We stored her in an abandoned freezer, hanging from a meat hook while we thought about it some more. We then decided to have her get in a car crash with the same doctor who'd saved her, but he wasnt' willing. Zach was frantic by now and he hastily injected her with V-tach. Miraculously, she survived that as well even though we were sure we'd done it!" Josh felt his fingers becoming tangled in Sean's hair as the words spilled out of him. "She wouldn't die. But then we remembered a sure way to kill someone. We mixed the Vtach into peanut butter/banana pancakes." He wondered if he was foaming at the mouth and realized it was too late to stop the confession he'd thought would take Sean from him. "We forced the pancakes down her throat and she collapsed, face-first into the leftovers, her once beautiful red hair drenched in syrup." He panted, caught up in what he and Zach had done. Josh choked when he felt Sean pull away and saw his face.

Sean scrambled from the bed. "Red hair. She's...it's her, isn't it? The woman who got me so screwed up I ended up here!" He pointed at the bed. He walked right up to Josh. "You know! You know I was only messed up because of her. And now?" He looked down, shame shading his face. "Now look what I've done."

Josh felt smothered. He struggled to breathe as he watched Sean moving about the room putting his clothes back on. "But-"

"I can't belive this. You-You-" Sean looked up, hurt and anger burning from his gaze.

"Sean," Josh tried to defend. He didn't want Sean leaving like this. "Please."

Sean paused.

"I- it felt so right. I didn't want to screw it up." Josh followed Sean out to the living room in the robe he'd grabbed off his dresser.

Sean grabbed his shirt. "Screw what up?" he shouted. "Josh, i don't know what you thought-" he stopped.

Josh reached out for him, but Sean jumped back, repulsed.

"I can't stay here." He moved, determined, towards the door.

Josh moved to stand between him and the door. He felt his eyes starting to tear up. But he blinked the tears back. "She may be the reason you gave in, but you can't tell me this didn't feel good to you. You can't just throw this away without realizing that." Josh felt pain that he knew no medication would help. Sean's eyes looked dark even though they were still the same chocolate brown they'd been when Josh first looked into them.

"This was a mistake. I'm outta here," he tried to push past Josh. Josh tried to stop him. He put his hand on Sean's face; Sean slapped it away. "Get out of my way," he ordered.

"Don't leave it like this," Josh said softly. He looked into the eyes that had been so warm and inviting on hours before and felt shut out. Josh stepped to the side and let Sean pass. He walked out the door without even a look over his shoulder. Josh slumped into the armchair as the door closed.

"That could've gone better," he sighed to an empty apartment. It was so easy for him to picture Sean on the couch. It had been so unexpected, but had felt so good. He wanted that feeling again. "I won't let you get away that easily," he said calmly as he walked to the bathroom for a shower.

There may be more chapters in the future, but for now this is how the fic stands. I chickened out at the love scene, but I figure I wrote a bit more than would've been seen on the show, so it worked!
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Date:February 17th, 2009 03:28 am (UTC)
Ugh, that was terribly of you to leave it there! I miss Josh! *kills Zach... and Kendall*

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