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All My Children Fan Fiction

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This is a community made for the lovers (and haters) of All My Children who want to give the story lines a shot themselves. Please feel free to post your fan fiction here about AMC and any other tie in's to other soaps. Please use an LJ Cut for your posts. If you want to make an introductory post, feel free, but its not necessary.

If your looking for current AMC info, please check this community allmychildren

Here are the rules:

1. Be nice
2. Try to stay relavant to AMC (and tie ins, like OLTL baby swap etc)
3. Use an LJ Cut, here's how: Cut Info
4. Don't steal other people's work. If you get inspired, give credit where credit is due.
5. Try not to censor each other. Its FICTION, try to retain that.

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