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January 11th, 2008

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04:19 pm - Josh/Sean fic
Title: The Most Natural Thing; Chapter one: Defense Mechanism
Pairing: Josh/Sean
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2100-ish
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, these characters belong to AMC even though there are many people out here on the intrawebs that could write them better.
Notes: This is my first slash ever. Be gentle! I realize it is the lamest plot device EVER, but hey, it got them together!

Summary: Sean struggles to shake his sexual encounter with Hannah when he meets Josh in the boathouse.

Sean opened his eyes, squinting at the light coming through the window. His body felt sore, like he'd been working out all night. Unrested. He lay still trying to determine his location. Hearing the ocean, he determined he was in a room at the yacht club. Someone sighed next to him; he rolled over to see whose bed he had slept in. She had red hair. Last night flashed in his mind.

"How old are you," red hair had asked.
"Eighteen," he said."
"Wanna have some fun?"

She had driven him to the yacht club and dragged him up to her room, paying him incessantly, desperately as they went. In the room, she had quickly switched off the lights, slammed the door, and moved to rip Sean's clothes off. He had let her, removing her clothes as well. ON the bed, they had rolled and clawed and rode the wave numerous times until they had both fallen asleep.

Now awake, Sean looked to admire the older woman who had seduced him in the park. She slept with a slight smile hovering at the corners of her lips. Sean's mouth lifted into a crooked smile. She was so hot. He maneuvered so he could lift the sheets to admire the body he'd touched all night. Moving slowly so as not to wake her, he carefully moved thes heet. His eyes grew big. Her arms were flabby. Her torso looked almost skeletal and like it had been pulled through a taffy machine without being put back into its natural form.

He felt his stomach churning. I slept with this, he thought.

In her sleep, she raised an arm above her head and sighed. Sean's eyes followed the line of her arm and shuddered. He'd always thought Erica's arms were the most disgusting arms when they were out of sleeves, but this woman's were much worse. Seeing Erica's bare arms had never made him long for a pile of coats to hide under. He felt sick and decided it was time to go.

He slid out of bed, extra careful not to wake the woman who could be Gollum's sister. His skin itched as he got dressed to escape. Or was it burning. Melting off his skeleton? He had to get out of here. He had to forget this. She rolled to where he'd been in the bed and purred. His stomach flipped and he rusehd out the door before she could realize he wasnt' there to cuddle.

Sean ran down the stairs, out the lobby, and well into the parking lot before she slowed to an amble. She had driven; he'd have to walk home. He tried to steer his thoughts away from the woman he'd slept with the night before. If he'd been drunk, seeing her naked body would've sobered him up real quick. He shuddered.

Colby! Sean smacked his forehead. He had been trying to meet up with Colby when this seemingly attractive woman had taken him to bed. And he'd slept with her! If Colby found out, he'd never have a chance with her! But...seeing her would easily erase what he'd just been through. He just wouldn't tell her. Feeling encouraged that he could put it behind him, Sean set out to find Colby.


When Colby opened the door, Sean didn't hesitate. He took her face in his hands and brought his lips to her, kissing her deeply. He could feel her initial resistance melting away. He managed to shut the door behind him. She tried to pull him into the living room, but he steered her to the stairs. Just when he thought she was going to say no, he felt her fumbling to unbutton his jeans. They tripped on a stair and both fell awkwardly trying to catch themselves and each other. Sean pushed her down, moving his hand up her shirt.

He hesistated. He knew the feel of Colby's skin; he'd been with her before. But this felt different. Now she felt...translucent, waxy. He could feel Colby beginning to get anxious so he forced himself to press forward.

He helped pick them up and continued moving to the bedroom. Shutting her door behind them, he pushed her onto the bed. He tried to ignore his surprise at her willingness; it didn't matter why she was letting him, only that she was. He could figure the rest out later. He lifted her shirt over her head, tossing it across the room. He quickly removed his shirt and laid his body on hers, desperate to feel her beneath him. But again, she felt...like the other woman had. Just the same. He looked down and saw Colby smiling at him longingly, but in place of her body was the waxen skeleton of the woman he'd spent the night with.

"What the hell?"
"What, Sean?" Colby sat up on her elbows. "What's wrong?"

He pushed away from her and paced beside her bed. He ran his hands through his hair pulling on it just enough to ensure he was conscious, then turned to look at Colby again. Her skin was pale and looked soft. He ran his fingers along her stomach, still standing at arm's length.

"Sean." colby was looking at him, clouds forming in her eyes.

Sean plastered his smile on his face and lay down on his side next to her. He kissed her again and felt relief when they were able to pick up where he'd left off. He tugged at her pants and she giggled into his lips. She reached a hand down, helping him remove them from her. He chanced another look and almost chocked on her tongue as his eyes revealed that disturbing image once again. He jumped off the bed. "I, I can't!" I'm so sorry." Sean grabbed his shirt and ran out of her room, down the stairs, and out the front door.


For the past week, Sean had avoided all of his friends. He hadn't shown up to any of the band's gigs, had ignored phone calls, and texts. He had bcome jumpy due to lack of sleep. He was terrified of what his subconscious would chose to relive if he gave over to it.

After running out on Colby, he had run to the boathouse to think. And he had made that his refuge everyday since. One day he had attempted going to his anatomy class, but hadn't been able to stay. When Chelsea, one of his classmates, had attempted to help him relax with a hand massage, he had jumped from his seat and run from the lecture hall. He felt as if he was losing his mind. Every woman he looked at had that woman's body. Every touch from a girl felt like her. He couldn't escape it.

"This bench taken?"

Sean leapt to his feet at the voice. A guy who seemed familiar from around town, maybe the hospital, was gesturing at the bench diagonal from his own. "No. Whatever."

"Little jumpy aren't you?" The man sat down.

"Yea, been a rough week." Sean took a deep breath and returned to his seated position.

"It's been pretty wild for me too." The man said flatly. He gave a little wave. "Josh."

Sean waved back. "Sean."

"Tell me your problems; I bet I can trump you."

"Naw, don't worry about it." Sean waved the topic away. "I was actually just leaving." He began to stand.

"Don't leave on my account. I could actually use the company. Maybe it'll take the edge off." Josh twisted his neck, trying to pop it.

"Uh...ok." Sean sat back down. "So, uh, what's up?"



Josh laughed forceably. "Some crazy lady tried to murder my sister a week or so ago. My brother-in-law and I were just barely able to make the crazy bitch pay for what she did."

"Whoa. Sounds, uh, intense," Sean stammered.

Josh stood and moved to Sean's bench. "Yea. She even had me tied up at gunpoint."

"This sounds a bit heavy to be telling a complete stranger." Sean shifted uncomfortably.

Josh nodded. "Yea. That's probably true. Ok, tell me about your problems. Take my mind off things." Josh smiled at Sean, keeping eye contact until Sean turned away.

"That's what I've been trying to do for the past week. Take my mind off of this...thing that happened that has me all messed up." Saen felt flush under Josh's gaze and embarrassed even more become of it. He stared at his hands as they fumbled with his coat.

Josh moved a little closer and leaned down. "Come on, tell me."

Sean felt Josh's breath on his cheek and his own breath got caught in his throat. He cleared it. "I slept with some older woman. I haven't been able to escape the image." Sean stood up, wiping his now sweaty palms on his jeans. "See, she seemed so beautiful when I met her. But she...she had the weirdest looking body. The best comparison I can come up with is that Gollum from those Lord of the Rings movies."

Josh laughed. "So, you're upset that you slept with some ugly woman?"

"Dude, she was beautiful! Until I saw her arms and the rest of her naked." He shuddered.

Josh stood up and came up behind Sean. "What else?"

ean was careful not to lean back into Josh even though it felt like the most natural desire in the world. "Like my sex life isn't weird enough as it is," he muttered.


"Oh-nothing. Well, thing is, ever since then, every woman looks like that. EVery woman's touch is hers. I can't shake her." Sean felt Josh close, making it somehow easier to push thoughts of the old lady away.

Josh put a hand on Sean's shoulder and squeezed. "Must've been pretty bad to mess you up like this."

Sean shrugged hesitantly out of Josh's hold. No. No. Even if it feels good... "I should be able to shake this." He wasn't sure which he meant: then or now.

Josh moved back, walking to the bench to sit down.

Sean felt awkward with feelings of desire and the opposing revulsion. And then battling thoughts of that night. And when had he stopped talking? It felt like ages. It was uncomfortable like a wool sweater. "Uh, I just want to forget. I think what bugs me the most is she's still out there. I could run into her again. And, even if I did get over it, wouldn't that just bring it all back? I wish she'd disappear." Sean sat beside Josh. "Her waxy body, her beef jerky arms and her red hair."

Josh perked up. "She had red hair?"

"Yea. Beautiful too. But the rest of her," he stopped, scooting closer to Josh without really realizing it.

"When did this happen, again?" Josh leaned in closer.

"I don't know. About a week, maybe a day more, I guess." Somehow Josh's hand was in his own and he wasn't sure who'd done it. He turned to Josh. "If she were gone, I know I wouldn't be half as screwed up over it." He paused, looking directly into Josh's eyes.

Josh moved closer to Sean, and wrapped his arm around his waist. "How'd you meet her?"

"She was running through the park and rammed into me. I asked if she was running form someone. Then she offered to take me back to her place." Sean felt Josh's arm tense around him. "What?"

Josh was staring straight ahead, his jaw set. "Nothing, nothing at all," he said as he pulled Sean close.

Sean, feeling his stomach churning turned his face to Josh's. "I wish there was something that could make me forget," he whispered with his eyes closed. His mind raced as he waited for Josh's reply. His pulse spiked when he felt Josh's lips on his. Softer than he'd thought. He felt Josh's fingers stroking his own gently. Somewhere in his mind was a thought fighting forward. I'm not gay. But Josh had just run his fingers through Seans' hair and all thoughts ceased as his mind focussed on the tingling touch of Josh's hand. After moments, Sean pulled away.

"What?" Josh whispered.

Sean breathed deeply. "Out of breath," he said with half of his crooked smile.

Josh's eyes lit up as he smiled in return. "You wanna get outta here?"

Sean's mind flashed the woman's face, but it also sent shivers of Josh's kisses. Josh was a defense mechanism. That's all. "Yea. Let's go."

Chapter 2 coming very soon! It's written, I just don't know when I'll have time to type it and post it.

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Date:February 17th, 2009 03:04 am (UTC)
OMG, MOAR!!!! I hated that Hannah and Sean slept with her! EWWW! He belongs with Josh!*has wicked smile*

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